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Posted by June 26, 2007

I’ve started a new blog for all my personal stuff. Mid-Life Mommy - Older Moms, Open Adoption, Hot Flashes at the Playground.

I’ll be deleting the personal items off this blog, and only posting Conscious business and Intuitive living posts here.

Come visit my new blog, www.midlifemommy.net

…and please continue to read here as well.

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The Sex Life of Clutter


  Last April I cleaned out my closets as I do every year. Bags of ‘treasure to someone else’ went to our local thrift store, and I hauled three truckloads of items to my neighbors for her multiple family garage sale. At the end of my cleaning frenzy I had $250.00 and four more bags of trash.

  Yesterday I went into my laundry room to find some super glue and noticed new piles of stuff everywhere. Books, paints, crochet work. Brochures from the San Juan Islands. Samples of landry detergent sent in the mail.

Junk that appeared from nowhere. I think the stuff copulates at night.

My task this week: To clean out my closets.


I need some visual peace.

FlyLady has some great tips for clearing out clutter. Shine your sink, make your bed, pick out your clothes. Easy, reliable, helpful. Things your mother taught you.

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Listening- Intuitive Heart or Monkey Mind?


  I’m feeling a bit out of integrity this morning. With myself.

  Yesterday I was trolling my Google feed reader of all my blog subscriptions, and left a comment on Liz’sMy heart is beating successful-blog.

  She wrote an interesting post,

  “5 Ways to Help You Find Out Who You Are”

Here’s one of her points:

# Pay attention to your inner truth — you have the intuitive detail.

You are the sum total of everything you have ever done, ever experienced, ever dreamed or thought. Stop to reflect on what your heart says is so about you. Sometimes the voices around us are loud and the negative noises are many. In your heart you know what you are really about. We all do. Hearts speak the truth if we quiet ourselves to listen without letting other voices in.

Yes! Slowing down and listening to our inner quiet heart is important, and of course our heart knows what is best for our lives.

The challenge is not listening to those negative voices that are flittering about in our heads. That’s the monkey mind voices. You know the ones: those voices that scream to us that we ’should have’ or ‘could have’. It’s the voice that says we are too old or too fat or too ugly to have what we want.

Those voices are never our heart speaking, regardless of how convincing it may sound in our head to us. And really, that’s the key. The voices are in our head, not in our hearts, and when we drop down, we can hear what we need to hear, or feel, or sense what our next step is.

But yesterday, I was rushed, trying to get a lot done, not dropping into my heart and I left this comment on her post:

I’ve spent years learning to listen to my heart and inner voice. it’s not always easy to hear it! Sometimes I can’t tell the difference between ‘the guilt’, ‘the should’ and ‘the intuition.

The truth is, I can tell the difference. Sometimes I’m just to scared, rushed or lazy to stop and listen.

Yes lazy. It can be easier to stay on the treadmill. Ignore the signs. Just not pay attention.

We all have busy lives. I don’t need to tell you guys about trying to fit it all in. Sometimes I just let that ol treadmil go faster and faster and I forget to slow down. Listen.

Thanks to Adam (Monk at Work) who reminded me yesterday when I was frustrated:

He responded to my comment:

Hi Michelle — if I may be so bold as to offer a tidbit I’ve found in my exploration of intuition…

If you’re ever stuck “between ‘the guilt’, ‘the should’ and ‘the intuition’” again, try tuning into your heart; the level of your knowing that’s underneath all the personality-level chatter. There you’ll find that your heart is either constricted by what you’re listening to, or expanded.

Your personality can be doing all kinds of somersaults, but your heart will tell you in a flash where the voice you’re listening to is coming from… doubt/fear (constricted) or truth/love (expanded).

It takes time, sometimes, to wade through the reactions that our selves are having, but the heart always knows… good luck!

So true. Thanks to Liz for writing the post, and to Adam for jolting me out of my frenzy yesterday.

Today I’ve got a busy day. Kid stuff, Mom stuff, business stuff, you know. Life.

Today I promise to slow down. Take it all one step at a time. Stay in the present.

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Free Intuitive Readings!

Ok, here we go - I’m offering business, work related psychic readings. For Free!

I love tapping into the intuitive force that guides each of us. Since we are all connected, I findIntuitive Business Reading that we can often help each Intuitive Business Reading other uncover steps that will help us move forward. I’ve been doing readings for friends for years, and now I’m offering

Free Intuitive Psychic Readings!

The focus I’ll take will be the one next step you need to take in business or work.

Take advantage!

Leave a comment/question below, and I’ll write an intuitive blog post answer right here on Conscious Destiny!

Need more info? Here’s how it works:

When I do a reading, I use several tools, which may include cards, numerology, astrology, intuition, and psychic awareness. I call in my guides and your spirit guides and ask that only the highest possible vibration come through. I use my experience to interpret what I see and hear and intuit, however I try to bypass my ego in the process.

When I use my experience to make sense of the reading, I can communicate the information to you from a business perspective. I set aside anything I may know about you, or anything you may have told me prior to the reading. I do not take knowledge of you into account. If you have asked a specific question, I refer to the question throughout the reading, but it may or may not be answered as you expected! Stay open to all the information that is presented.

Some readings take several hours, others just a few minutes. I sit quietly, pull cards, look up items in books, listen, feel and take notes. At the end of the session I sort through it, find common threads, and do the reading for you. The final reading may be one minute or one hour, but it will be the info that should be most helpful at the time to you.. I trust my process and ask that you allow the information to sink in for a day or so before you respond.

Some things may resonate immediately; others may not make sense for days, weeks or months to come. You may choose to listen to your reading several times to gain clarity, and then again to listen in a month or so.

The reading is based upon now. I do not predict the future, although I can give insight on moving forward, based upon what is happening right now. As you make changes the energy shifts and the next reading may be entirely different. This does not negate today’s reading, just the opposite! As you integrate the suggestions, the energy between you and your business should come more into alignment and you’ll feel the spirit guiding you.

During the reading I may touch upon your relationship with the business, the soul purpose of the business, financial dealings, business planning, marketing, and creative sources, partnerships and other business related topics. However if I do not talk about each of these it is because your guides have not given me the information and I was not led to do so. Trust that you are given exactly what you need at this time to move forward.

This is not an automated computer generated reading. This is a reading that I’ll personally take the time to do, and then answer any follow up questions you have. (within reason!)

To get your free Intuitive Work Related Reading, to help guide you in your next step, leave a comment -question below or

email me michelle at consciousdestiny dot com

What do you have to loose?



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Following ‘The Secret’ Counter-Intuitive?


  There is still quite a bit of buzz around on Rhonda   Byrne’s movie and book, The Secret.

  I use a few of the principles taught in The Secret. Of   course I do, they are spiritually based.

  Gratitude, Forgiveness (looking ahead and moving on).

The Secret teaches us to focus on our own path, and not to be distracted by what others are doing. I like that. But the teachings in the movie are only a small part of the process.

It isn’t enough, or even wise, to presume that by ‘wishing’ or thinking hard enough, you’ll find happiness through stuff or through arriving somewhere else other than where you already are. What if that ’stuff’ isn’t what your life is really about? Shouldn’t we be focusing on our unique place in the world and what the biggest picture for our lives should be?

Perhaps it is in our best spiritual interest to learn to paint, or to help others with a kind word each day. If we spend our time focusing on getting something we think we want, there isn’t time for intuition or the flow of life to emerge.

The teachings in The Law of Attraction spend a lot of time concentrating on gratitude, which in turn will help you stay in the present, enjoying life. Somehow this message gets clouded over in the movie and you are left feeling with a false sense of bravado. At least I was.

Instead of focusing on what we want, and the blaming ourselves for everything we don’t get, (and some stuff we do get that we didn’t ask for), lets spend some quite time, within.

Ask yourself this one question: What is my next step today, right now?

Slow down. Listen.

I know I am.

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The Right Questions

My personal spiritual life coach gave me a book by Debbie Ford, “The Right Questions”.

I find that I’m asking myself better, more refined focused questions as I make decisions about my day.

“Will this action move me toward my life goal or distract me?”

“If I skip my morning yoga will this help my wellbeing or stress me out further?”

Simple yet profound.

I’m loving the book.

Thanks Coach!

Link to Amazon:

The Right Questions: Ten Essential Questions To Guide You To An Extraordinary Life

If you’ve read it leave a comment. How did it change your life?

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Computer Withdrawal - Flying Fish - Here I Come!

I’m off to Seattle, Oregon and the San Juan Islands. Once up a time long ago, I made it to The Fish Market, but otherwise this is all new territory to me.

Apparently Oregon doesn’t have self service gas stations.

I think I remember Alaska being like that’ all the stations have a cute sixteen year old who runs out and cleans your windows while the tank fills. What luxury!

I am not taking my laptop. Ouch. This is a concerted effort to take a …v.a.c.a.t.i.o.n.

No e-mail. GASP

No Blog Fix I subscribe to over forty RSS feeds, and scan most of them daily. I miss you already!.

No Snarly Laughing


  Oh gosh golly I’ll have to wade in tide pools, eat seafood,   enjoy the coast.

  See you in a week.

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The Box Is Gone.


Yesterday I packed up my box and headed out into the big city to let go of my project. This might seem like an ordinary task, but I’d been holding on to this project for years and years, hoping somehow it would miraculously just come together all by itself.

Nonsense of course. It just sat taking up space in my consciousness and in my closet

Today I bravely took the box and thanked the man and told him I was off to other adventures. Seattle, San Juan Islands, and the Oregon coast to be specific. (more on my trip tomorrow)

He agreed to take the box and then went on to talk about other things.

I feel lightheaded, giddy almost. I’ve let it go.

However, it isn’t all together clear if he picked it up.

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Letting Go. Resistance.

Today, when contemplating my resistance to letting go of my project,

I happened upon this great quote from Life 2.0

‘Flow’ is a state that arises from non-resistance and happens, funnily enough, when we allow ourselves to go with the flow of events and use each circumstance as another wave to surf, by seeing and accepting the gift it brings. All the planning we need do is be clear about what we want and stay open and receptive to receive the gifts that serendipitously flow our way when we follow the path of whatever it is that makes us happy, and start to trust in our Self as guide.

I’ve been mulling this part of the quote over and over today ….”All the planning we need to is be clear about what we want and stay open and receptive….. ”

I think that is exactly what I’ve been trying to say.


 Nick Smith said it with more eloquence.

 In a few minutes I leave with my box.

 Can you hear my heart beating?

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Letting Go, Moving On. Goodbye Project.

Last night was my weekly coaching check in. I’m not doing so well turning off the computer, and I have to go back and remember why I want to in the first place, but in other areas, like self-care, I’m elated!

The big step I’m working on this week is to finish off old projects; any that are holding space in my consciousness and stopping me from moving forward with full speed.

These could include:

  • Remove clothes in my closet that don’t fit anymore. (Luckily I’ve done that step).

  • Resolve communications that have been left hanging - hurtful words or unsaid things. This doesn’t mean I must confront the other person, but I must come to a place inside myself where I no longer have any energy, positive or negative around the issue.

  • File away old papers that are laying around my office. Ugh.

  • Complete a specific project I’ve had on my desk for five years.Five years! Ouch. This is a project that I keep coming back to, but really have no energy to finish. I was paid some good money for it, and I’ve completed the work that equals the pay, but there is months to go to finish it. The difficult part for me is admitting that I no longer want to do the project. Realizing I don’t really have the expertise to finish it. I’m scared of letting the other person down.


I’m going today to resolve this. End it. Give him the box full of project and say Goodbye.

In my heart I’m not sure it will happen. I’m not resolved yet.

Wish me luck.

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